Sets & Collector Score

Sets & Collector Score

Today is a special day because we are dropping the first iteration of sets and Collector Score! Moments from the Rust Creator Packs featuring Lifestomper, qaixx, and r00t9r can be seen on Sets right at drop time (March 3, 10am PST).

What are sets?

Sets are meant to be an easy visual representation of your collection. It shows which moments of a particular streamer you have or don't have. Here are a few quick facts:

  • Each streamer will have a set featuring all their moments.
  • Each set will have different subsets of moments grouped by a unifying theme.
  • Completing sets and subsets grant Collector Score multipliers.

Hold up, Collector Score?

Yes! Along with sets, we are launching Collector Scores. Collector Scores "quantify" your collection and activity on Eternal.

  • Each moment you have in your collection equates to a score as follows:
Common: 1
Uncommon: 2
Rare: 5
Mythic: 20
  • Each subset you complete gains you a multiplier for the score for the moments in that subset.
For example, completing a subset with 2x multiplier that has 5 common moments will grant you 10 collector score.  
  • Each set you complete gains you a multiplier for the score for the subsets in that set.
For example, completing a set with 3x multiplier that has 3 subsets totaling 50 collector score will grant you 150 collector score.

Both Collector Score and Sets can be found under your Eternal profile.

What is the Collector Score for?

We are continuously exploring ways on how we can use Collector Score to add utility and benefits to collectors. Having a score system in place is the first step and will make any future plans easier to implement. Keep an eye out for some cool ways to use your Collector Score coming very soon!

Rust Badge

Because the Rust Collector Sets are the first sets we are releasing on the website, we wanted to do something a little bit more special. Complete all three Rust Collector Sets by March 17, 2022, 11:59pm PST and receive a special Rust badge to show off in your profile!