Rust Creator Pack & Gaming with Creators

Rust Creator Pack & Gaming with Creators

On Thursday, March 3rd, we will be doing a new drop of its kind. For only 72 hours, 3 Creator Packs will be available for public sale. 600 packs will be available for each creator with a maximum of 400 packs sold during public sale. Any unsold packs after the public sale period can only be bought on-stream when the creators go live.

Accompanying this drop are three exciting updates:

  • First, all moments from this drop can only be pulled from Creator Packs, which means that all rarities are up for grabs.
  • Second, two of the creators for this pack will be playing Rust with the community, and
  • finally, did we mention that these moments will be the first ones to be put in sets?

Who are the creators?

For this drop, we are introducing two new creators, r00t9r and qaixx, and reintroducing one of our favorite creators, Lifestomper. All three are top Twitch streamers with a combined following of 332,000 and are incredibly talented (and entertaining) in Rust.

Rust Drop Event: Gaming with Creators

On Thursday, March 3 at 12pm PST, r00t9r and qaixx will be joining the Eternal community for a Rust game in Eternal's server – Battle Royale style. Ever wanted to play with top streamers? Here's your chance. Whether you're a pro at Rust or you've never played before (like me), all are welcome. To participate, fill out this Google form.

Mark your calendars and see you there!

Pack Drop Key Stats

  • Packs per user during public sale: Limit of 5 packs per creator per user
  • Price: $5 USD
  • Total packs: 600 per creator
  • Moments per pack: 3

Rarity Distribution

  • The overall rarity distribution will be around 60%/28%/11%/1% between common/uncommon/rare/mythic