Introducing: Eternal Shards

Introducing: Eternal Shards

UPDATE: You can now merge your shards through Pool Parties!

Hello Eternalians (I know, I know...)!  It's been a while since our last dev update, and boy do we have something new for you...

As you surely know by now, Flow Fest — the largest virtual event ever for the Flow Blockchain — is currently underway.  As one of the top projects on Flow, we wanted to prepare something special, both to offer something exciting to Flow Fest attendees, and to reward our current users.

As such, we are releasing a new set of NFTs — Eternal Shards & Crystals


If you don't wanna read the whole thing, just watch this!

What are Shards?

A picture video is worth a thousand words:

Eternal Shards are fractions of the very best moments on Eternal.  While shards are beautiful collectibles in and of themselves, they have special powers: any 3 shards can be combined into a crystal.

What are Crystals?

Crystals are consumable NFTs that can be applied to packs.  When you open a pack that has been "boosted" by a crystal, the pack is more likely to yield rarer moments.

Not all crystals are equal — some are "purer" than the others.  For example, here we see a 30% pure crystal:

Purer crystals are more powerful — they are more likely to yield moments of higher rarity.

How do we get purer crystals?

The better the shards match, the purer the resulting crystal will be.

As a simple example, if you merge 2 shards from The Pop Off and 1 shard from West Coast, it will have a higher rarity than if each of the 3 shards was from a different moment.

What happens if 3 shards together form a complete moment?  You get the coveted 100% rarity crystal, of course.

How do we get shards?

Our community has always been our most amazing asset, so we want to reward the people that are making our community stronger, larger, and more vibrant.

As such, we are dropping shards in the following ways:

  • We are dropping shards to users who have been active leading up to Oct 14, the date when shards are released.  If you have made purchases or sales in the past, you can expect to receive one or more shards. Keep an eye out for an airdrop alert email!
  • Starting from Oct 14, every time you purchase a moment on the marketplace, there's a chance that you get a shard.  The rarity and price of the moment both affect the chances.
  • Starting from Oct 15, each user will get a unique referral link.  When someone signs up with your referral link and passes identity check (KYC), both of you will get a shard.
  • We are also dropping shards to some Flow Fest attendees.

And of course, you can always buy and sell shards on our marketplace starting on October 14.

What if I don't have 3 shards?

Eternal is all about the community, so if a user is short of shards, naturally other users can come to the rescue.

In addition to merging your own shards, you can merge shards in a "pool party", where each of 3 users offers 1 shard.  One lucky user out of the three will get the resulting crystal, and the other two will get something that we will announce later. Yes, we heard that NFT people love taking chances...

I have some shards in my own wallet. What do I do?

If you are a Flow Fest attendee, you may have acquired some shards from the Flow Fest Mystery Drop. Or perhaps you bought shards from a third-party marketplace.

To use shards on Eternal, go to your profile and deposit your shards under the "Shards" tab.

When can we merge shards?

Merging shards, whether on your own or through a pool party, will be available early next week.

When can we use crystals?

You will be able to use crystals on packs from the Oct 22 drop and onwards.

Keep in mind, the overall distribution of uncommon/rare/mythic moments will mostly remain the same, so as to not dilute the value of existing non-common moments.

Whereas before, everyone had the same chance to get non-common moments (i.e. totally random), now a large portion of non-common moments (especially rare and mythic moments) will be given out through crystals.  So if you want the best chances at scoring the most valuable moments, start collecting and merging shards!

Closing Thoughts

At Eternal, we pride ourselves not only on providing the best creator content, but also building the most engaging user experience.  We hope that you will have as much fun collecting shards as we did building them, and as always, feel free to hit us up on Discord if you have any questions!