r00t9r Creator Pass & Creator Packs

r00t9r Creator Pass & Creator Packs

The Return of r00t9r!   Our first creator to completely sell out their Creator Packs is BACK!

r00t9r's Creator Pass, and second Creator Packs are now LIVE!

ICYMI, we launched the Creator Pass last week!  Creator Passes allow for collectors to realize new exclusive tiered rewards specific to their favorite creators, using the Moments in their collections.

Found under the Challenges tab, the Creator Pass has multiple tiers that can be completed for increasingly exclusive rewards. There are some rewards that are limited in quantity so be sure to complete the tiers and claim prizes before they run out!

Moments used for Creator Passes will be locked for the duration of the Creator Pass season which means that they cannot be sold or staked.

r00t9r Creator Pack 2 Details:
Link to drop: https://eternal.gg/creators/r00t9r
Packs will go live on 5/17/22 at 10am PST
$5 per pack, with 100% of proceeds going to r00t9r
3 r00t9r Moments per pack
600 total packs available
Packs will be available at all times

Who will be the first to finish up all the tiers of r00t9r's Creator Pass?

Complete the r00t9r Creator Pass here, and buy your r00t9r Creator Packs here!