Eternal x PogChamps 4

Eternal x PogChamps 4

Are you sitting down? We are ecstatic to announce that we are partnering with for PogChamps 4, happening this Sunday, August 29, to September 12.

What is PogChamps?

PogChamps is a series of online amateur chess tournaments joined by the biggest Twitch streamers, including the likes of Ludwig, Rubius, and IamCristinini . The competition takes place over the course of two weeks. Past PogChamps have shattered records and accumulated close to 500 million minutes watched, and this year's is expected to be even better.

What can you expect in the coming days?

We got a lot of exciting things planned. Here's what you need to know:

Play of the Game (POTG) Moment Voting
You get to choose which PogChamps 4 moments live for eternity. For each game, will select a "Play of the Game", which will be turned into an Eternal moment.  Type eternal in the chat during Play of the Game to vote to include the play in the upcoming pack. The amount of votes may determine attributes of the moment such as rarity.

More importantly, by voting, you are testifying that you are a witness of the moment, and your name will forever be on the moment's page.

Viewers who type eternal during Play of the Game will be entered into a raffle. Three (3) winners will be announced on-stream for each POTG to win a PogChamps 4 pack.

PogChamps 4 Pack
Pack, you say? We are taking the best moments (including the ones you voted for) in the tournament and putting them all in an epic PogChamps 4 pack. 100% of proceeds from primary and secondary sales of this pack will go to Rise Above the Disorder (RAD), a non-profit dedicated to making mental health care accessible to everyone. The presale for the packs start on August 31, 2021 at 12pm PDT, and is limited to 3 packs per user. The packs will be dropped into the accounts of those who have pre-ordered on September 12. There will only be a total of 3,000 packs for sale.

Get hyped, and see you all during the tournament!

Updated: August 30, 2021