New Feature: Autographs

New Feature: Autographs

Remember seeing a celebrity and wanting their autograph? So, you take your pen and paper out, put on a brave face, approach them carefully, and ask for one. Eternal autographs are exactly that – but digital. Now, you can ask for autographs for your moments from your favorite creators, with a twist: a staking/burning mechanism. Here's a little teaser:

How does it work?

1. Find an Eternal moment you'd like to have autographed by a creator.
2. Go to that moment and click on "Request Autograph."
3. Choose a moment to stake. This staked moment will get automatically burned if the creator signs the moment.
4. Copy the link that the creator needs to click on to sign the moment.
5. Give the creator the link and hope they sign!

Your staked moment only gets burned if the creator signs the moment. At any time, prior to the creator completing the autograph, you can cancel the request, and you can get your staked moment back. Please note that you cannot put a moment in the marketplace while it's staked.

How can I check on my autographs?

To check the status of your autographs, go to your profile on and click on Autographs. From there, you can view all the autographs you have requested, their statuses, and the moments you have staked.

Do all autograph requests get fulfilled?

No. Signing an autograph is strictly upon the discretion of the creator – and this is what makes it special. If you get yours autographed, congrats! You will be holding a more valuable moment simply by having the creator's signature on it.

How can I ask creators to sign?

Get creative! Go on their stream, ask them on social media, or chat with them on Discord. The sky's the limit – just remember to be respectful and kind.

Can we request for a creator to sign a moment that's not theirs?

Not at the moment. Autographs currently only support one signature from the officially partnered Eternal creator featured in the moment. This also means that some moments (PogChamps and Eternal Cup) are not able to be signed yet as they are not assigned to one specific creator.

What happens after my moment gets autographed?

Once your moment gets signed, the autograph will be displayed on the moment. This means that when people look at the moment in your profile or in the marketplace, they will see the signature on it as well.

What is staking?

Think of staking as putting a moment on lock. You cannot do anything with the moment, unless you un-stake it.

What happens when a moment gets burned?

A moment that gets burned disappears from your collection and is removed from circulation. This means there will now be less of that moment.

Have fun getting your moments signed! If you have any questions, hop on our Discord and we'd love to answer them.