New Creator Packs: JonahVeil & BlueWater

New Creator Packs: JonahVeil & BlueWater

We are happy to introduce our new partnered creators, JonahVeil and BlueWater! Both JonahVeil & BlueWater will be releasing their Creator Packs, starting with a public sale at tomorrow, April 1, at 10am PDT. The public sale will go on for 72 hours. Any remaining packs after the public sale will be sold exclusively on their own streams.

What's new this drop?

One of our main missions at Eternal is to continue providing utility that adds new ways for creators and fans to interact. This drop, we have exciting giveaways that do just that. Read more below to learn about our new creators and their drop giveaways.


Jonah is a content creator that calls Twitch his home and has done so for over six years. He has amassed over 16,000 hours of streaming, focusing mostly on MMORPG and Survival games. Jonah is proud to have built one of the best communities on Twitch, where they love bantering with each other and no one takes themselves too seriously. Lives in Florida but he ain't no Florida Man.
Followers: 34,822
Views: 3,721,521

JonahVeil Giveaway

Jonah will be giving away 10 signed shirts and 15-second personalized videos to 10 lucky pack buyers.  Winners will be notified as packs are purchased.  


Ryan Blake AKA BlueWater is a streamer who started streaming in the summer of 2014. A traveler from Canada, who now resides in California, enjoys competitive as well as non competitive games such as Valorant, League of Legends, Mario Tennis Aces, Mario Party Superstars, and Animal Crossing. He has a Siberian husky which he features on his streams that his fans love to watch.
Followers: 57,713
Views: 374,687

BlueWater Giveaway

BlueWater will be giving away 2 two-hour Fortnite private play sessions to 2 pack buyers.  Winners will be notified as packs are purchased.

Pack Drop Key Details

  • Packs will be for sale on our website here.  
  • Public Sale starts at 10am PST on 4/1, and will last for 72 hours.  Afterwards, packs will only be sold exclusively during creators' streams.
  • Limit of 10 packs per creator per user
  • Price: $5 USD
  • Total packs: 600 per creator.  400 packs of each will be available during Public Sale
  • Moments per pack: 3.  All 3 Moments will be from the featured Creator
  • The overall rarity distribution will be around 60%/28%/11%/1% between common/uncommon/rare/mythic

Start your collection of JonahVeil & BlueWater Moments and join in on their Creator Pack drop here!