New Creator: Murda

New Creator: Murda

Introducing our new partnered creator, Murda!

Unique Rodriguez AKA Murda started streaming in 2013 on Twitch playing GTA 5. He didn’t game very often up until that point, but GTA took over his life followed by DayZ and other battle royales. Shortly after his intro to gaming, he was partnered by PUBG and streaming became an obsession. With his passion still brewing for cars & racing, he decided to take a leap of faith and do a Community Car Build. His streaming career and car hobby momentum snowballed into breaking a world record in his 2001 is300 Street Car. This accomplishment shaped who he is today, giving him the drive he needs to become a stamp in the Racing Scene on Twitch!

Murda's Creator Pass & Creator Packs go LIVE on Monday 5/23 at 10am PST

ICYMI, we launched the Creator Pass last week!  Creator Passes allow for collectors to realize new exclusive tiered rewards specific to their favorite creators, using the Moments in their collections.

Found under the Challenges tab, the Creator Pass has multiple tiers that can be completed for increasingly exclusive rewards. There are some rewards that are limited in quantity so be sure to complete the tiers and claim prizes before they run out!

Moments used for Creator Passes will be locked for the duration of the Creator Pass season which means that they cannot be sold or staked.

Murda Creator Pass Rewards:
Tier 1: Badge
Tier 2: Uncommon Moment, 180 available
Tier 3: 30 Second Voice Message, 75 available
Tier 4: Signed Hot Wheels + Rare Moment, 50 available
Tier 5: 30 Second Video Message + Signature on Murda Moment
Tier 6: Signed used car part from his championship Lexus IS300 + Mythic Moment, 10 available
Tier 7: Name on Murda's Car Decal + Mythic Moment, 5 available

Murda Creator Pack Details:
Link to drop:
Packs will go live on 5/23/22 at 10am PST
$5 per pack, with 100% of proceeds going to Murda
3 Murda Moments per pack
600 total packs available
Packs will be available at all times

Who will reach the Murda Creator Pass finish line first?

Complete the Murda Creator Pass here, and buy your Murda Creator Packs here!