Introducing Quests

Introducing Quests

We heard you, and it's finally here: the first-ever Eternal Quest.

What is a quest?

A quest is a limited-time event where users can fulfill a given set of requirements in order to join the raffle for a chance to win prizes. Quests are a way to provide additional value to moments you own, keep the community engaged, and add fun to collecting. Quests are meant to be easy to complete (but not too easy) and is meant to utilize different types of moments.

The First Quest - #TotallyRAD

The first quest revolves around our most recent drop – the PogChamps 4 pack. During the past couple weeks, we saw some of the top internet personalities battle it out to be reigned Chess champions. In the tournament, we saw skills, blunders, smiles, rants, and even – some singing and dancing. This quest's title is a nod to the nonprofit organization we are supporting with the sales from PogChamps 4 moments – Rising Above the Disorder (RAD).

To join:
1. Create a showcase and use #TotallyRAD as the showcase name.
2. Fill your showcase with one moment that satisfies each of the requirements below, for a total of 5 moments. The moments in the showcase should all be unique.

  • 1 moment showing a Botez gambit (someone accidentally losing their queen)
  • 1 moment showing a blunder (a critically bad move)
  • 1 moment showing a winning screent (for either player)
  • 1 moment showing a checkmate
  • 1 moment showing either the Championship bracket winner or the Consolation bracket winner

There is a limit of one entry per user.

Check your showcase

Once you are done putting all your moments in the showcase, use our showcase checker to make sure your showcase qualifies. It's as easy as pressing one button:


Of course, all quests need prizes. If you complete the quest, you will be included in a raffle draw for the following prizes:

  • A pack for 20% of entries or 20 packs, whichever is lowest. The packs will be from past drops, and will be randomly distributed to the winners.
  • Twitch Subs to your Eternal Creator of Choice. There will be:
    - 5x 1-month subscription
    - 3x 3-month subscription
    - 1x 1-year subscription
  • 1x Choice of Merch from Eternal Creator of Choice (non-autographed)

*Prizes may change for every Quest


You have one week to complete this quest. The deadline to create your showcase with the requirements above is next Thursday, September 23, at 9 a.m. PDT. Winners will be announced shortly after.

Good luck, have fun, happy questing!