FCF #Highlights Pack 2

FCF #Highlights Pack 2

Watch your favorite Fan Controlled Football team, whether O.G or NFT, compete against each other in hopes of securing a spot in the Season v2.0 playoffs!

This pack contains the most compelling moments from Weeks 4 to 7. Find the highest level of competition here, ranging from going deep, running strong, or tackling hard. These closing weeks bring out the intensity, desperation, and triumph of both teams and the most dedicated FCF fans. Fan Controlled Football Season v2.0 is the biggest season yet, with new players like Terrell Owens, new teams like 8OKI, and a new gridiron just for FCF: Pullman Yards in Atlanta, GA.

FCF #Highlights Pack 2 Information:
Drops on 6/3/22 at 3pm PDT/6pm EST
$10 per pack
3 FCF #Highlights Moments per Pack, from Weeks 4-7
2000 Packs total
Link to the pack drop: https://eternal.gg/drops/fcf-highlights-2

Make sure you check out the Eternal.gg website and create an account/setup a reminder for this highly anticipated pack drop!