FCF Ballerz Airdrop

FCF Ballerz Airdrop

Eternal.gg is launching an exclusive airdrop for owners of the FCF Ballerz Collective.  Hodlers of Apes, 8OKI, Knights, and Kingpins Ballerz are able to claim a pack with one free FCF #Highlights Moment starring the respective team. The team that has the most claims by the end of the claim period will receive a second Moment in their packs as a reward.

Every FCF Ballerz Collective owner can be used to claim exactly one pack. To check if a Ballerz is eligible to claim a pack, the user can enter the ID field on Eternal.gg. To claim the pack, a user just has to connect their Eth wallet holding it, to Eternal.gg and use the Claim button.

On the Ballerz Airdrop page, there will be a counter for each team, indicating how many claims each team has had.  At the end of the claim period, the team with the most claims will have an extra Moment in those packs!  Once you claim your packs, be sure to use the links to share to your socials, to help better your chances of your team winning!

Ballerz Airdrop Details:

Claim period start: 7/7 at 10am PDT
Claim period end: 7/11 at 10am PDT
Packs available to be opened: 7/12 at 10am PDT
Cost: FREE to claim for Ballerz hodlers
Location: https://eternal.gg/partnership?tab=ballerz-airdrop
Moments per team pack: 1, with the potential for a second Moment if your team is the most claimed


To check to see if you are eligible, you will need to do the following:

1.  Go to the Ballerz Free Claim landing page: https://eternal.gg/partnership?tab=ballerz-airdrop
2.  Connect the Eth wallet that is holding your Ballerz.  Multiple wallets can be connected while claiming
3.  Once connected, you will get a message indicating how many Pack claims you can make, depending on how many Ballerz, and which teams you are hodling.
4.  To claim, you will then be prompted to then login to your Eternal.gg account, or create a new one.
5.  That's it!  Packs will be able to be opened about 24 hours after the claim period has concluded.  


Q: Can a Ballerz be used to claim a pack after it has been sold to a new user?
A: No, the Ballerz may only ever be used to claim one pack.

Q: Does a user have to pay transaction fees for the airdrop?
A: No, the user only needs to sign a message through their Ethereum wallet which doesn’t cost anything.

Q: What is the circulation count for each of the moments?
A: The circulation count will be determined by the total number of claims for each team by the end of the claim period.