Eternal Developer Update #3

Eternal Developer Update #3

Hi Eternalians,

It’s been a long while since we posted an update!  We have heard from our community that we ought to improve our communication, so going forward we plan on posting updates monthly to shed lights on what the team is working on.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the major updates in the last few months and what’s expected to come.

Looking Back

Creator Packs

It’s hard to believe that the last time we posted an update, creator packs did not even exist!  Now, creators packs are arguably the most important feature on Eternal — they are how new users start experiencing Eternal, and they are the primary means through which our partnered streamers make money.

Since launching, we have sold more than 4000 creator packs, with 100% of revenue going to our partnered creators.  We’d like to give a big shoutout to everyone reading who bought creator packs — your support has made a meaningful difference to the lives of our creators.  Hear it directly from Anna:

In addition, we have recently enabled gifting for creator packs.  Do you wanna gift packs to Twitch viewers to bring them onto Eternal, all while supporting creators?  Now you can!  Head straight to the creator’s pack page and click the gifting button (available when the creator is streaming).  Gifting is currently enabled for AnnaDemetriou, r00t9r, JesusAVGN, JonahVeil, and RealzBlueWater.

Flash Challenges

One of the most popular features on Top Shot is Flash Challenges, which is a great way for collectors to collect exclusive moments that are not otherwise available.  We brought Flash Challenges to Eternal a few months ago.  Since then, our passionate collectors have collected 500+ exclusive moments through Flash Challenges.

Sets & Collector Scores

We want to recognize collectors who have done a great job collecting moments, so we have built a sets & collector scores system akin to that of Top Shot, except that each set is specific to a creator.  So far, seven creators have released their sets — go to your profile and click “View Sets” to check out how you rank among the creator’s fans!

Content-Centric Homepage

As Eternal partners with more and more streamers, it’s becoming harder for new users to discover streamers on our platform.  As such, we are reorganizing our website to look more like Twitch itself — when you come to Eternal, you will be able to immediately see the streamers that are live and streaming, notably featuring streamers whose packs are on sale.

Witness Moments

Creators are the protagonists in Eternal’s epic moments, but fans contribute just as much to the hype by WITNESSING the moment and being part of the chat, spamming everything from POGGERS to MonkaS.  We think it’s only fair that Eternal moments feature fans as well, and that’s why we are starting to add chat to some moments.  Going forward, we expect most of the newer moments to feature chat, giving fans even more motivations to collect Eternal moments featuring themselves.

Looking Forward

More Creator Perks

Our streamers have been very happy with their income from Eternal, so much so that they want to offer even MORE benefits to Eternal users.  We will be releasing a new creator feature where top collectors will be rewarded with everything from exclusive moments to personal interactions — stay tuned!

Better Onboarding from Twitch

While collecting moments is fun, a new user won’t know that until they have spent money on packs.  But why would they spend money if they don’t know it’s fun?  It’s a chicken-and-egg problem we’ve been wanting to solve.

The answer, of course, is free trials.  We are working on a new onboarding system for Twitch users wherein they will be able to experience the core features of Eternal for free.  We will be revealing more details soon.

Wallet Upgrade

The homegrown Eternal wallet has by and large served the needs of our users, but it’s far from perfect in that it’s vulnerable to fraud, lacks withdrawal options beyond USDC, etc.  We are working to integrate with a popular and established wallet solution, which will bring more payment and withdrawal methods to our users, including the ability to integrate with non-custodial wallets such as Blocto.

(E)Sports League Integrations

As we have hinted before, we have been in discussions with various leagues to launch their highlights as Eternal moments.  We have now secured a partnership with one such league — a separate announcement is coming TOMORROW.  For now, let’s just say that it has been pretty big on Twitch:

Screenshot from a Twitch stats site
Screenshot from a Twitch stats site

A Last Word

While the general crypto market is experiencing large volatility, we believe that the success of Eternal will ultimately be decoupled from the ups and downs of crypto prices, as long as we are laser-focused on solving real problems and creating real value for content creators and their fans.  We are extremely excited about the things we are working on, and can’t wait to share them with you soon!