Eternal Dev Update #2

Eternal Dev Update #2

Hi Eternalians (yes I just made that up)!  It's been a while since the last dev update — it's hard to find the time to write when there's so much to code.  But here I am, giving you an overview of what we have been up to and what you can expect from us next.

Recent Features


You have been asking for a way to showcase your moments to friends, family, and strangers on the Internet, so we've built showcases!

Go ahead and create a showcase and let all your friends know about your new secret obsession — Eternal moments!


Speaking of showcases, we have partnered up with RareRooms to deliver a 3D (!!) showcase experience to you!

With RareRooms, you can put Eternal moments up on the wall just like you would a physical art piece.  Here's my room for example.

Have fun and show us on Twitter & Discord what you've got!  We've written a guide if you need help on creating a room.

Twitch Overlay

By collecting Eternal moments, our users are supporting creators, so we feel that they deserve to be featured on stream somehow.

That's why we built a Twitch overlay that our creators can use to recognize their most ardent supporters.  Here's how it looks like on stream:

Whenever you purchase a rare or mythic moment, the overlay displays a notification, for all viewers to see!

We are currently rolling out the overlay to more creators, and will be adding more functionalities to the overlay over time.

Creator Profiles & Leaderboards

Users have long wanted to learn more about our creators, so we created a profile for each of them!  Here's one for CoconutB, for instance.

At the same time, we also want to highlight fan contributions, so we have built a leaderboard of Top fans, ranked by how much they've supported the creator:

Identity Verification

Withdrawals is one of the mostly common requested features, for a good reason.  We are glad to report that we are making good progress on it!

We have rolled out identity verification — the first and necessary step towards implementing a full withdrawal system.  Verifying your identity is optional, but users who verify their identity will be the first to have access to withdrawal when it becomes available.

Head to your profile settings to verify your identity.

Upcoming Features

Here's a sneak peek at some of the things we are working on.

New Pack Opening Experience

Arguably the most exciting thing you can do on Eternal is opening a pack, so we really want to make that experience as epic as possible.  We will unveil a new pack opening experience for one of the upcoming drops — stay tuned!

Moment Utility

So far, Eternal moments are mostly for the pleasure of viewing — and there's nothing wrong with that!  We want to make viewing and showing Eternal moments as fun and epic as possible, hence showcases, RareRooms, etc.

However, we are also exploring things you can do with moments that will enhance your experience as a fan of streamers.  Unfortunately I can't reveal too much right now, but let's just say that those of you who have collected a lot of moments will be very happy!

Discord Integration

Other than Twitch itself, Discord is probably where Twitch fans hang out the most.  As such, we are working on Discord bots that will make Eternal's presence known within streamers's Discord servers, so that fans who own Eternal moments can easily showcase their collections to other fans in the Discord.

Furthermore, we are working with creators to roll out exclusive Discord channels that are only available to Eternal moment owners.  This ties into the earlier point about utility – we want Eternal moments to be useful to you as a fan!

The Big Picture

Taking a step back — what is the Eternal team trying to accomplish with all these features?

To put it simply: we want Twitch viewers to come to love NFTs.  Fairly or not, NFTs face a lot of skepticism from the general Twitch audience.  Therefore, we want to make Eternal so fun, so compelling, and so useful that even the average Twitch viewer who knows nothing about NFTs will want to join our platform, simply because it enhances their experience as a fan.

Lastly, I want to give a shoutout to our devs @Muba, @boushib, @Jay, and our designers @Ira and @David, without whom none of this would be possible.  Feel free to talk to them on Discord if you have suggestions on what we should build next!