Moment Utility: Exclusive Discord Access

Moment Utility: Exclusive Discord Access

Recently, we have rolled out one of our first moment utilities: Exclusive Discord Access. Rare and Mythic holders of EXBC moments can now join a private channel in the EXBC Discord server where they can interact directly with Esco and Heosu, and see some photos or hear some stories from the creators themselves. Some of the interactions in the channel have already been epic – such as Esco inviting a fan to stream with them when they visit Korea.


This utility is great for both the creators and the fans, and here's why:
For the fans – it gives their moments additional value and creates a direct line of communication with their favorite creators. With this utility, they get to ask questions and learn new information that may not have been previously shared with the world.

For the creators – it fosters a great relationship with their fanbase and gives them an opportunity to give back to those who have supported them through buying their moments. Needless to say, it also encourages purchases of their moments, which translates to more revenue.

How to get the exclusive Discord access?

First of all, make sure you have connected to Discord under Settings > Connections:

Now, if you own a rare or mythic EXBC moment, you should see the EXBC server added to your Discord, and you should automatically have access to the exclusive channel (#eternal-supporters).

If you don't own a rare or mythic EXBC moment, you will gain access to the exclusive Discord upon buying one!

How to know which moments have this utility?

EXBC is just the first of many creators we plan to onboard with this utility. We'll be sure to keep the community updated when a new creator has implemented this. Additionally, moments with this utility is now shown in the marketplace and the moment page with the Discord logo in the title, and a description of the utility upon hover.

We're excited to announce this utility, and are looking forward to announcing more in the future. For any questions, feel free to reach out on our Discord.