Counter-Strike Quest: Choose Your Alliances Wisely

Counter-Strike Quest: Choose Your Alliances Wisely

The second Eternal Quest, which utilizes moments from the recent Clutch drop, is an interactive quest with a hint of game theory. Buckle up!

First off, the prize for this Quest is a limited-edition CS:GO reward moment  that will only be dropped to the Quest winners.  The moment features d0cc_TV's POV with a side of Lobanjicaa's assist:

How the winners are chosen for this quest is half the fun.

How to join the Quest:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your team: Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist. Be very careful when choosing your team. It cannot be changed once your Quest has been submitted.
  3. Fulfill the requirements asked for by choosing moments that correctly satisfy the need presented on your screen. Once you have chosen a moment, press 'Verify' to know whether your moment is valid or invalid.
  4. Once you have fulfilled all requirements, you will be presented with the score. This score represents how many Terrorists vs how many Counter-Terrorists have completed the Quest so far.
  5. The team with the highest score (most completed Quests) wins.

What does this mean in terms of reward moment circulation count?

This means that the total circulation count of the reward moment will heavily depend on how many quest completions there are for the winning team (i.e. if the score is 60-61 for Counter-Terrorist, the reward moment will have a total circulation count of 61). Therefore, it is in the best interest of Questers to join the winning team, but not overcrowd it to keep the circulation count of the reward moment low.

How do I know the team score?

At the end of the Quest, you will see the current score for the teams. Curious about the score but haven't done your Quest yet? Hop onto Discord to see if other Questers will be merciful enough to let you in the know or search Twitter for score tweets using #EternalQuest! This Quest is intended to be a friendly competition between the community, so engage with others, recruit teammates, and hope for the best.

How can I let people know to join my team?

At the end of the quest, you can share the score on Twitter directly from the Quest screen to recruit more people to join your team.

How can I figure out which moments I need?

Treat quests like a mini-treasure hunt. Watch the moments in the marketplace, filter by keywords, or ask in our Discord.

When is the deadline?

Quest ends on Monday, October 4 at 6pm PDT

Which team are you on?