Introducing: Creator & Collector Packs

Introducing: Creator & Collector Packs

We've hinted on our roadmap that there will be two types of packs on Eternal: Creator and Collector packs. We're excited to announce that you will be seeing both of these beginning our next pack drop, Advance.

Here's what you should know about them:

Creator Packs

From the roadmap, we learned that creator packs are:

...perfect for the average Twitch viewer: reasonably cheap, tailored by their favorite creators, and mostly importantly, available.  ...[these] packs [are] specific to a creator, and only purchasable on stream.

With creator packs, Twitch viewers can now support their favorite creators at a price point ($5) that is comparable to Twitch subs.  Unlike Twitch subs where Twitch can take away up to 50% of the revenue, 100% of the revenue from creator packs go to the creators themselves.

Furthermore, creator packs are only purchasable while the creator is streaming.  Specifically, pack sale will go live at a random point during the stream.  Therefore, true fans who stick around for the entire stream will have a better chance at sniping a pack.

Naturally, a creator pack is more likely to yield moments from that specific creator. After all, fans want to collect their favorite streamer's moments!

Creator packs are designed to be sold over a span of months.  On each stream, only a very limited amount (e.g. 20) of creator packs will be sold.

Key stats:

  • Each pack costs $5, with 100% of proceeds going to creators.
  • Each pack contains 3 moments, 2 of which are guaranteed to be commons and the last one can be any rarity (common/uncommon/rare/mythic).

Collector Packs

Quoting again from the roadmap, we know that collector packs are:

designed for NFT enthusiasts [and avid fans].  These packs will feature many different creators and have much higher rarities, sold at a price point higher than creator packs.

Collector packs will feature much higher rarity chances than the packs we have sold thus far.  Specifically:

  • Uncommon chances are 1.4x higher
  • Rare chances are 2x higher
  • Mythic chances are 2x higher

Since a significant portion of the total moment supply will be released through creator packs, we will be dropping less collector packs in the Advance drop than before – only around 1000 packs (exact number TBD) will be dropped.

Key stats:

  • Each pack costs $20.
  • Each pack contains 5 moments.
  • Can be upgraded by crystals just like before.
  • Limited to 3 packs per user.


Creator packs are designed for fans.  They are affordable and only purchasable on stream, featuring mostly content from that specific creator.

Collector packs are designed for NFT enthusiasts and avid fans.  They are premium packs with higher rarities, featuring content from a variety of streamers.

Whether you are a diehard fan of a specific streamer or just excited about collecting moments on Eternal, we have got just the perfect pack for you!