Burning Rogue One

Burning Rogue One

On May 26, 2021, we released the first ever Eternal packs, Rogue One, containing a mix of Apex Legends, FPS, and some IRL moments from Baronful, Dezignful, StormRNG, and Rogue. During this genesis drop, 832 packs were sold and 52 were kept for promotional purposes.

However, there are 8,107 moments that were minted but not placed in packs. All of these moments will be burned, affecting the total circulation amount of the moments in Rogue One. For a full list of the quantity that will be burned per moment, view this document.

When will they be burned?

There is no set time yet for burning.

What happens to the serial numbers of released moments?

Moments that users own will not have their serial numbers changed. This means that someone can own moment #199 for a moment that only has 55 total in circulation.

Will the correct circulation amount for the moments be displayed in the site?

Yes, once the moments are burned, we will display the correct circulation count in the moment's page.

Will Rogue One moments get a 'Genesis' moment marker?

Yes. No timeline set yet.

We will keep you all informed on any further updates for this topic.