Arena: Axie Infinity Pack Drop

Arena: Axie Infinity Pack Drop

Pack Drop reveal is here! For our upcoming pack drop, you will be getting Moments from the one and only AXIE INFINITY! Get ready for November 18 because our next pack drop will be happening at 10 AM PST!

We have three amazing Twitch creators featured in this AXIE pack drop:

This Axie Pack Drop will also contain moments from tournaments held by our partners:

The tournament clips in this pack will feature pro Axie players including:
Iron Man, Ruined, Elijah, Azarian, Indes, Prathap and more!

AXIE PACK DROP starts this Thursday Nov 18 at 10 AM PST!

We hope you still have some crystals saved! Just like last drop, get an early access to your purchase of an upgraded pack in the presale for all crystal holders. Don't have any left? Swing by the Marketplace to grab one before the presale!

1) Presale (9am - 9:30 am PDT)

  • Users with crystals can purchase one upgraded pack per crystal during this presale period. To buy an upgraded pack, you will pay the normal price and burn a crystal.
  • Users with Pool Party Badges can purchase one normal pack per badge during this presale period.

Packs purchased during the presale period can be opened at 10AM, when the public sale begins.

2) Public Sale (10am PDT)

  • Anyone (including those who have joined the presale) can join the public sale. Only normal packs will be sold during public sale. There will be a limit of 3 packs per user for the public sale (not counting packs bought during presale).

Pack Drop Key Stats

  • Packs per user during presale: 1 upgraded pack for each crystal you own, and 1 normal pack for each Pool Party Badge you own
  • Packs per user during public sale: Limit of 3 normal packs per user (excluding packs from presale)
  • Price: $9.99 USD
  • Total packs: 2000
  • Moments per pack: 5

Rarity Distribution

  • The overall rarity distribution is 60%/28%/11%/1% between common/uncommon/rare/mythic, which is the same as previous drops.
  • The specific rarity distribution for normal & upgraded packs will depend on how many people use their crystals (and the purity of the crystals being used).

Be sure to watch out for our twitter partnership announcements and their streams in the next coming days!