Appetite Quest

Appetite Quest

The Meal

Hope you're hungry, because the Appetite Quest is now LIVE!  Join in here!  Collect 4 moments featuring each of the creators from the Appetite Creator Pack: Cupahnoodle, JesusAVGN, Iyouxin and Kajzoo. Everyone who completes the quest will earn a Moment from the creator in the pack with the most followers at 1.1 million, JesusAVGN.

Don't have all of the Moment you are needing to fill your Appetite Quest?  There are still more Appetite Collector Packs available to purchase here!  These packs have 5 brand new moments from these creators, and are $20 per pack!  Limit 3 packs per account, during Public Sale.

The Dessert

Everyone who completes the Appetite Quest by the deadline of February 5 at 3pm PST will receive a reward Moment.  The reward Moment features a funny clip from JesusAVGN attempting a world record for dying in Minecraft while blindfolded...and he succeeded!  The rarity of the reward Moment will be determined by the amount of people who completed the quest:

- 50 or less: Mythic
- 51-150: Rare
- 151-300: Uncommon
- 301+: Common  

Have fun and dig in!