Advance Quest + Marketplace Spend Contest

Advance Quest + Marketplace Spend Contest

The Mission

The Advance Quest is now live! For this quest, complete the tasks by choosing moments from the Advance pack that satisfy each requirement presented. Moments that can be used for this quest are moments from AlinaRin, akaNemsko, and AnnaDemetriou.

Don't have the Moment you're looking for? Swing by the Marketplace to find the missing piece! If you're stuck on a spot, check in on our Discord and ask for some hints!

The Reward

Everyone who completes the quest will get a reward moment. The creator featured in the reward moment will be chosen based on votes from questers in the choose-a-creator screen.

The Bonus: Marketplace Spend Contest

As you may know, all proceeds from the Advance drop is going to Women in Games International (WIGI) – a nonprofit dedicated to advancing equality and diversity in the gaming space. But charity doesn't stop there. For a limited time, 10% of all secondary marketplace transactions for Advance moments will go to WIGI.

To jumpstart this cause, from December 20th 10am PST to December 31st 11:59pm PST, the top marketplace spenders (cumulative) for Advance moments will win the following Razer gaming peripherals, sponsored by WIGI:

1st place:

  • Viper Ultimate
  • BlackShark V2
  • Huntsman V2
  • Rogue Backpack

2nd to 4th place:

  • Viper Ultimate

Please note, any suspicious activity that manipulates spend or violates the TOS may lead to disqualification.

Finish Line

Both the Advance quest and the marketplace contest ends on December 31 at 11:59pm PST. Reward moments will be distributed on January 3rd. The marketplace spend winners will also be announced on January 3rd.

Happy holidays, and good luck!